Tips to Improve Vocabulary

The following tips can be used to improve your vocabulary:

1. Identify meaning from contexts

Every time you read a novel or newspaper and come across a new word, try to figure out is meaning before you look up the dictionary. This way, you will program yourself to derive word meanings rather than learn them.

2. Look out for Word Origins

Every time you look up the word in the dictionary, make sure you read its origin (if provided) and identify the word root. Word Origin hold the key in the opening the lock of word memorization. A single root can add multiple words to your word stock. As a simple exercise, search some word roots on the internet.

3. Associate Words with People & Pictures

A simple trick of learning words is associating them with pictures and the people you know. At the end of the day, our memory works best when it has to learn through photos and not through text. So associate as many words as you with visual depictions in your mind.