How to Use Vocab Builder?

Vocab Builder has been made keeping in mind the ease of function and utility features in mind. Uts use can be divided into three broad steps:

Step 1: Word Meanings & Usage

Every Basic, Main & Miscellaneous Word List is explained in detail, with every word carrying its Primary Meaning & Illustrative Usage Example.

Step 2: Word List Tests

Along with these, each Basic and Main list is accompanied by a test. This forms the core of the application and you are advised to take these tests once you have gone through the lists. This would provide you an accurate guide to check your learning levels.

Step 3: Bookmark Feature

Any word that you find hard to recall or learn, you can Bookmark that word and add it to "My Word Lists". You can build as many lists as you want and classify these words according to your choice. This feature in a way acts as a ready-reckoner for words that one finds tough.