About Vocab Builder

Vocab Builder is an in-depth vocabulary practice section that provides you with all the tools to enhance your vocabulary skills. This section caters to all your vocabulary needs for competitive examinations and your professional life. Words in this section are some of the favorites ones with test makers and are presented in the form of Word Lists. Vocab builder has three types of wordlists. These word lists are designed keeping in mind the level of difficulty & questions that are asked in various competitive examinations.

Words are explained in detail mentioning Primary Meaning & Illustrative Usage Example. However these wordlists are not substitute to a dictionary or thesaurus. Just click on selected word to know more. The table given below explains the suitability of different words lists for various examinations.

Top Features

Word Meaning & Usage, 80+ Graded Word List
Facility to Create Customized Lists
100+ Word Lists Based Tests covering antomyms & synonyms
Direct Search Facility & Talking Dictionary